Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED)

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Iteration 2

Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade
Similarities in lifestyle offerings and aspirational brand quality

Segment 2

Utah's GOED
Similarities in cost of living, climate, and economic development

​​Businesses (50+ employees)

  • Medium sized businesses who are looking to relocate their business to take advantage of extended workforce resources, industry incentives, tax incentives, less competition, and low operating costs.
  • Aren’t large enough to hire site selectors, so researching could be conducting by c-suite executives.

New Business/Entrepreneurs

  • Native Nevadans or transplants looking to start their own business.
  • Could be unaware of what benefits and resources exist for them.


During user testing, I realized that I need to add a language selector for the website and add a few vidusl cues to aid in site navigation. The language selector was added to the header for easy access at all times. To address the navigation issues, I added breadcrumbs to internal pages, kept the page the user was on highlighted in the "yellow" color, and added a dropdown menu in the main navigation to show secondary navigation selections.



Texas Economic Development Corporation
Similarities in cost of living and economic development

Iteration 1

Role:  UX Designer

Timeline: 6 months
Methods used:  Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, InVision, and Pen & Paper

Added in breadcrumbs

(Sitemap  and user flows)

The problem:
Design and develop a website for GOED. This site will be modern, mobile-responsive and conform to the recommendations laid out in the Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities and standard digital design best practices.

This is content heavy site, so my first challenge was to study the website and create an in depth sitemap of the current site. Once that was made, I started dissecting each piece of the website and then put it all back together in a more hierarchal, usable, and digestible way.

One thing we had to keep in mind when designing the site was keeping it ADA compliant, so we had to keep things in mind such as contrast, alt text to any images or graphics, and captions on videos.

Our main focus was to bring the site up-to-date and correct the information architecture, which was no small feat.

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  • Looking to GOED as a resource on current economic environment and development data, updated state policies, program influence in local and regional communities.
  • Typically looking for very specific information that is easy to find, up-to-date, and from a credible source.

Public Constituents

  • Nevadans looking for ways GOED can help their small business or community via grants and department resources.
  • May not know exactly what the are looking for.

Segment 1

Big Business

  • Large scale businesses who are looking to relocate their operations or open new facilities to take advantage of extended workforce resources, industry incentives, tax incentives, low operating costs, and cluster development benefits.
  • Typically will not be c-suite executives but a lower level employee gather information and resources to report back to them.

Site Selectors

  • Working on behalf of a large scale business to weigh costs and benefits of choosing a new location for business relocation or new development.
  • Generally knows exactly what types of information is needed, just looking to acquire it for comparison to other locations.

Segment 3

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