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During user testing, the main issues that needed to be addressed were 1) informing the users on what type of information was on each page and 2) not having the users feeling lost as they navigated deeper into the site.

The way I addressed those issues was 1) adding in secondary navigation into the hamburger menu and 2) adding on page navigation. Once I tested these changes, it addressed the previous issues brought up in the last round of user testing.

Role:  UX Designer

Timeline: 6 months
Methods used:  Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InVision


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Iteration 2

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Our research team conducted an exhaustive analysis for the City of Henderson. The team used focus groups, surveys, and competitive analyses to get an idea of who Henderson was and how to use that data to achieve their future business goals.

This information is invaluable for my role. I study all of this data and then make sure it's all captured in user stories and the new website.

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The problem:
Redesign and develop a new website for the City of Henderson’s economic website, Henderson Means Business.

This website will focus primarily on current and potential business owners.

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A massive challenge for this website was taking a site that has a large  amount of information and making the IA (information architecture) more digestible and navigable, as well as, make sure it's responsive and mobile friendly.

I personally enjoy projects like these because this type of challenge involves a lot of researching and auditing of their current platform and then creating an elegant and usable website.

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  • In terms of attributes of what is most important to either locating or having a business in Henderson, it is clear that Henderson’s support for business is top notch.
  • Its business climate receives the highest ratings.
  • When looking at just those who indicate they are looking to locate a business, the attributes change slightly:
    • The individuals rate as “extremely important” the supportive nature of Henderson.
    • The perception that Henderson is a place full of opportunity.
    • It’s a good place to invest.
  • When looking at just those who indicate they are looking to locate a business, the attributes change slightly. In terms of favorability
    • 68% rate Henderson “very favorable” as a place for business.
    • Additionally 60% rate it as “very favorable” as a place to relocate a business.
    • 57% rate it as “very favorable” as a place to expand a business.