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This was the look before the added feature:



Added Feature

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Timeline:  2 days
Methods used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Atom, and Pen & Paper


Day 2 consisted of coding everything up into working HTML and CSS. This was a fairly simple task except for coding up the countdown timer. This is where most of my time was spent.


The problem:

Create a way for the users to know they have the option to delete a response they submitted, but it's only for the first 10 minutes from when they submitted it.

First draft of the countdown timer

The first draft of the design. I was wanting to add a warning, the actual countdown timer, and a trash can icon.

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Delete Response and Countdown Timer

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This was a fun feature to add for the users who requested this. Day 1 was spent sketching and designing and day 2 was spent coding it up. The most difficult part of this feature was coding the countdown timer.

Lots of great real estate to add the additional feature