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(Close-up of feature)

Day 2 consisted of coding everything up into working HTML and CSS. This was a fairly simple task except for coding up the countdown timer. This is where most of my time was spent.

First draft of the countdown timer

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Timeline:  2 days
Methods used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Atom, and Pen & Paper


The first draft of the design. I was wanting to add a warning, the actual countdown timer, and a trash can icon.

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This was the look before the added feature:

This was a fun feature to add for the users who requested this. Day 1 was spent sketching and designing and day 2 was spent coding it up. The most difficult part of this feature was coding the countdown timer.



The problem:

Create a way for the users to know they have the option to delete a response they submitted, but it's only for the first 10 minutes from when they submitted it.


Lots of great real estate to add the additional feature

Delete Response and Countdown Timer

Added Feature