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With over 12 years of graphic design and managerial experience, being a UX designer is what I love to do. I love using my natural talent in graphic design, attention to detail, and passion for UX to make life better. I'm driven to make others happy and find it fulfilling to solve problems or improve efficiency. User centered design is the key to capturing and retaining users/clients and my skills and dedication will help you define and achieve those goals.

Creating an onboarding experience that changes visitors to users. Also, redesigning the UX for the whole site so that users fully understand the capability of the system.



 changing the world, one experience at a time

Updating the UX, features, and overall feel of the emails that go to all of the users. This will help in the transition from version 2 to version 3 of the new product being launched in late 2017.

Createing a way for the users to know they have the option to delete a response they submitted, but it's only for the first 10 minutes from when they submitted it.

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email re-design